Correlating buildings and extracting their OSM IDs

I have a manually curated list of building names with latitude/longitude coordinates, and it’s my goal to find a semi-automated way to correlate these to the matching buildings in OSM in order to extract their OSM IDs. I am guessing this problem has been solved before so posting here in the hope someone with experience here can guide me.

First step would be an automated approach to “shortlisting” OSM buildings that are a good match with buildings on my list. I assume I could match against the building name field (somewhat unreliable) and/or look for buildings that surround the coordinates I have?

  • Best way to obtain data: Overpass API?
  • Any particularly recommended fields/filters for the API, or extract everything?
  • Best way to match based on name?
  • Best way to match for buildings that “surround” my points?

Final question: is there any way to do this completely manually through a web interface? When I “edit” one such building through the interface, I can’t see the ID listed anywhere.