Correct tags for natural feature node?

I’m intending to add this thing: to the map. It isn’t man-made, so I can’t use the various dolmen/standing stone type things, and it isn’t a glacial erratic so I can’t use natural=stone, according to its documentation page.

I’ll probably just go with tourism=attraction in the short term, but this seems like an unsatisfactory solution. Is there a more appropriate tag for interesting natural ‘point’ features like this?

I’m no expert, but maybe natural=tor ?


I don’t see why natural=stone just has to be for glacial erratics. I think its already used for a variety of stones, some glacial erratics, some not.
This page says “freestanding stone, e.g. glacial erratic”.
And the template on natural=stone says “A specific piece of rock that differs from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it rests.”
So I think it can apply to any sort of (natural) stone.

Looks like the easiest thing to do is to edit and use that. Proposing natural=tor may or may not be a good idea… seems to cover what is needed (or will do, when it is accepted, if ever), though not precisely, and I have no patience for the months or years long feature proposal system.

Cheers, folks.