Copyright violation "usage of OpenStreetMap data without proper attribution" FIXED

We at wish to extend our sincerest apologies for the recent oversight where attribution to OpenStreetMap was inadvertently omitted during our latest website update. We have promptly rectified this error, and I am pleased to inform you that proper attribution has now been reinstated across all maps on our platform.

As active contributors to the OpenStreetMap community, we value the integrity and accuracy of the data. Our team consistently works to enhance the map details by updating and adding road information for various camping areas, benefiting both our clients and the broader user base.

In light of our corrective actions and ongoing contributions, we kindly request a review of our status on the OpenStreetMap attribution issue page. We are committed to upholding the community standards and would welcome any further suggestions on how we can continue to support and improve the OpenStreetMap project.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Also, let it be known that the so-called two emails sent to us never got to us and instead our clients were spammed with emails.

Warm regards, Josip Marić

List of our violations:
Camp Cikat
Camping Polidor
Maravea Camping Resort from Aminess Hotels and Resorts
Sirena Camping Resort from Aminess Hotels and Resorts
Atea Camping Resort from Aminess Hotels and Resorts
Camp Slatina
Camp Baldarin
Camp Bijar


Hi Josip,

welcome to the OpenStreetMap forum.

Thank you for your quick response and for swiftly adding attribution to your sites. We’ve removed the sites from the wiki.

Attribution is important for the project because it promotes OpenStreetMap and helps to recruit new contributors who make the map even better than it is today. We are of course happy to see OSM data used in so many different contexts, including your camping maps.

If you want to further support the project, you can also consider becoming a corporate member of the OSMF.

Kind regards