Copyright of mapping with online photo/video/article

  1. I have just realized that there are many bus route videos on the internet which film the streets that buses travel onto. I have checked wiki which talk about making such video myself but there’s no information about using video made by other on the internet for such purpose. I assume, because such video are just a reflection of street view on the ground, everything in those video can be used for mapping, except in-vehicle announcement like stop announcement, which might be considered as either copyright or database right of the vehicle operating company?
  2. Then how about online images, especially which include third party geocoded photo and Google Street View? Again I checked but cannot find anything relevant
    2.a. For geocoded photo, my understanding is that it’s probably problematic to take the geocoded information and map it directly as the geocoded information can be seen as mapping the photo, but after masked this geocoded information, details in the photos can be used for mapping in the same sense like the third party video footage mentioned above?
    2.b. For Google Street View, obviously all the extra text and geolocation information about the content it provided cannot be used in mapping OSM, however how about individual spherical photo it provides at each particular locations?
    2.c. And that remind me, currently the wiki article for photo mapping mentioned Flickr link with OSM, but Flickr is going to massively delete photo on free account next February, is there anything that OSM community can be done about it?
  3. How about mapping based on text record written by others? I guess it can be seen as a variant of except it uses text form instead of audio recording, and that as long as only facts not opinion are extracted from those articles then that should not cause problem?

Google expressly prohibit using Street View (and all their other map products) for projects like OSM. See “you may not… use Google Maps/Google Earth to create or augment any other mapping-related dataset”.

OSM is not a project for exploring grey areas in copyright or contract law. If you don’t have explicit permission to use a third-party dataset or creative work, don’t use it.

I see. How about other mentioned situations?

There is a very simple solution: if you want to use a thrid parties material for mapping for OSM: ask them for permission.