Copy and snap in JOSM

In JOSM I want to copy some building parts and snap them to a certain node.

Copy the red parts and snap the left node with arrow to the right node with arrow.
How can I do that?

Mark all square objects.
Move all these and place the corner node of bottom object over the snap node.
Deselect all.
Mark the corner node (now over the snap node).
Execute Merge command.

Select all the red ways, and in addition the bottom right node of the bottom way. Drag that node, hold ctrl and when you move it over other nodes, it will offer to snap. This will align them perfectly, without changing the shapes of the red ways.


Great solution. One minor caveat: The snap will not only align the selected node with the node it snaps to, it will also merge the nodes. When, after the operation, other nodes happen to be in the same place, the validator will produce an error message. Further merges may be called for.

Wow, this actually works. The ctrl snapping is already very handy on its own, but I didn’t think it would work with multiple elements selected. Thanks for the tip!

Thank you, that almost works.
In the example I only show three squares. In reality I have seven.
When trying to move and snap six squares or more I get the message “You moved more than 20 elements. This is often an error. Do you want to continue?”
After that it won’t snap anymore.

Edit: problem solved.

In Edit \ Preferences \ Advanced Preferences I changed warn.move.maxelements from 20 to 50 and that solves my problem.

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