Coordinates along a route

I need to be able to obtain coordinates along an entire route. Is this possible?
I will explain in a little more detail. I want to enter a start point and end point and for OpenStreetMap to calculate the best route and then provide me with the geographical coordinates all the way along the entire route, every x metres.
Is this possible? How would I do it?

Routing is not a service that OSM provides. It provides the input data to third party routers.

You will need to be more precise as to what constitutes a best route.

I am pretty sure that interpolating at x metre intervals will need to be done in your own post-processing, as it isn’t a normal requirement. Remember that the apparent length of a way will depend on the level of detail in which it has been approximated.

Also, do you want turning points to be included, and, if so, should they be in addition to your points, or should they result in your point being placed early?

One tool is Graphhopper Maps. Click the start and end points, then click the little “GPX” button to export.

Thanks Hadw. Your answer is much appreciated.
SwiftFast - it seems that Graphhopper Maps is just what I need. Thanks!

As far as I can see, grasshopper doesn’t interpolate at fixed intervals, it just returns all the construction nodes long the route. I think I’d expect all the routers to be able to do that.

If you want fixed intervals, you still have to post-process.

The real purpose of all the routers will be to return the actual path, even though casual user may use them to plot that on an image.