Converting .osm to .obj throws error

This is my first time using OSM2World and I am trying to convert a .osm file to a .obj using the .osm file found in this tutorial.
(File can be downloaded here:

However, when I navigate command prompt to the OSM2World folder and then run the command to convert the file:
java -jar ./OSM2World.jar -i ./manhattan-buildings.osm -o ./manhattan.obj --performancePrint

I get the No --config paramter line and then the following error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "" because "node" is null
at org.osm2world.core.map_data.creation.MapDataCreationUtil.withoutConsecutiveDuplicates(


at org.osm2world.core.map_data.creation.OSMToMapDataConverter.createMapElements(

at org.osm2world.core.map_data.creation.OSMToMapDataConverter.createMapData(

at org.osm2world.core.ConversionFacade.createRepresentations(
at org.osm2world.console.Output.output(
at org.osm2world.console.OSM2World.executeArgumentsGroup(
at org.osm2world.console.OSM2World.main(

I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m doing wrong.
I cannot open the file in the GUI because it is too big.
I am using the most recent version of OSM2World (downloaded today 11/9/2023), Java 17.09, and Windows 10.

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The error was indeed a result of the input file containing incomplete ways. With the latest changes, OSM2World is now a little less strict: It warns about incomplete ways and omits them (which may result in anything from a missing building to a missing water-body), but does not abort the entire conversion process.

This means that the latest build available on is now able to convert this file. However, for best results it is still recommended to cut/filter input data for OSM2World in a manner that results in complete geometries.

I notice the result also contains surprisingly few buildings, and they lack 3D attributes and building parts. I’m not sure whether that’s due to the age of the file, the filtering/preprocessing, or some other issue.