Converting JOSM file to regular OSM xml

Wondering if there’s any way to output a regular OSM xml file from JOSM, instead of JOSM’s adapted format.

See here for details on JOSM’s file format:

Basically I would like to draw maps in JOSM offline and then end up with a regular OSM xml file that I can use in other programs. I do not want to upload this data to OpenStreetMaps because it will not be accurate mapping.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


you might try the tool osmconvert, which supports a lot of formats.


I did not realize there was a problem: I have an area I make paper maps for with data from OSM, elevation data from SRTM and some specific data not appropriate for OSM that I created and edit in JOSM and save in a local .osm file. I am using Mapnik for the actual composition with no issues.

Maybe other data consumers have an issue with JOSM .osm files. Or maybe I got lucky with the type of items I have in the local .osm file.

when necessary, try the mentioned … when calling that programm in a command line with parameter -h it shows the parameter --fake-version

PS: why is this feature of --fake-version not listed properly in the OSM wiki ???

After doing more research I realized what the problem is that I need a solution for:
I am drawing maps in JOSM with mostly new content, JOSM gives a negative node id to any new content until it is uploaded to OSM and then it is given a positive id once it is merged.

What I need is to output a file with positive node id’s on new content from JOSM. This data will never be uploaded and merged to OSM. installing a private server copy of OSM is not an option unfortunately.
Does anyone know of settings I can change in josm to achieve this, a plugin, or a conversion program that would do that offline?

Thanks so much for your help!