converting from garmin img to gpx

what is the easiest way to convert Garmin img tracks to Osm gpx tracks?

Try … or GPSbabel ?

search the OSM wiki for GPX … there are more programs to teal with such tracks and convert them.

I thought that the garmin img is the type of map that the garmin uses.
When you set the device to record a track, it creates a gpx file.
The osm is not the kind of map that readily displays your gpx tracks like or similar.
Normally the osm mappers upload the gpx tracks in order to assist in editing the map such as using the gpx trace to act as a guide to drawing new roads and footways and paths, etc.
check out all the help pages for the osm

your right the tracks are not img files they are gdb files. so i need to convert them to gpx files.

Do you use Basecamp or Mapsource?
Then simply save them in gpx format