Converting AXE to GPX

Hi there.
I recently bought MS Autoroute together with a new gps reciever. This program saves its data as .axe which can be converted by st2gpx which is a sister project of gpsbabel.

This leads to an output with alt and timestamp attributes missing …

So … now i could write a little program which just adds those values but id have to guess them or just use some junk.

Are such uploads valuable for the osm project? Or should I just open those gpx file in josm, edit the tracks and upload only the data layer?

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

I think the main reason OSM wants time stamps to be within the data uploaded is to make it harder for people to trace data from potentional copyright sources and then save it to gpx and upload. If the data someone has is legal and their working around this barrier then I don’t think there is much wrong with it BUT if the opinion of the community was that it is ok to work around this barrier, then the barrier wouldn’t be there, so I don’t think thats a good move.

The advantage of this method though is that osm wouldn’t be holding the data that may posibly be illegal, and maybe that is why it is still in place. So if you upload map data to osm, but keep the files on your computer, that would probably be the better move.

ok then ill just keep working as before …