controlling routing with Garmin maps.

Was driving down the road the other day using my Garmin trex Vista to select the correct roads, when suddenly the GPSr told me to turn onto what was obviously a fire road impassible to automobiles. Some idiot had mapped it as a routable way. Looked closer and discovered that the idiot was ME!!! I have been tagging trails as highway=footway paved = no. Is there some other way I can tag the ways to exclude them as routable roads but still have them show up as dashed trails?

Was your GPS set to automobile navigation, or foot navigation? If the former, it shouldn’t have been trying to route down a highway=footway in the first place.

ras-oscar, assuming you have your Vista set to “pedestrian” you’ve got something pretty useful. A routable trail map.

I usually use it for off road, so i guess i just need to be more observant with the roads my route is selecting. Not sure if the Vista HCX has an on road VS off road selection, I’ve never searched for it. For me pedestrian would be the proper setting based on my usage. Just wanted to be sure I didn’t need to go back ande re-tag all my trail traces.

The vista HCx has the following stettings;

there is also a setting “off road/on road” but off road is not a trail, it’s the way the routering works.
Offroad means that your route is going from point A to point B in a straith line through buildings and rivers ect.
Onroad means the route follows the path of the road on the map.