Contributing GIS Data to OSM

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I apologize in advance if the answer to my question is blatant from the docs, but as far as I can see there seems to be no way to contribute GIS data to OSM. I am working on a project making an interactive map and the foundation which I work for has a lot of data which they have collected (mostly from gazetteers). We figured since OSM is providing us with their lovely base maps from the API, we want to give back to them by contributing our data. However, our data is mainly in a PostGIS database. Is there anyway to import this data to OSM? I appreciate all and any advice you may offer me :slight_smile:

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I recommend joining the general OSM talk and/or imports mailing lists and holding the discussion there - you will get the widest level of response and feedback. Imports are a very emotive topic.

They are various tools and methods to import GIS data into OSM. The main concern is about merging your dataset with what is already present in the database (duplicates) but this is manageable. The next is the maintenance/synchronization which is still an open issue.

Please read first the documentation at:

Contact to your locals OSM group would be great. They can tell you more about the internals of the OSM community and it’s processes.

Thank you csdf. I did write to the talk mailing list and indeed did receive a lot of very step-by-step thorough feedback :slight_smile:

For those who are interested in the mailing list replies: The thread is archived here.

Thank you for that Tordanik :slight_smile: