Contours in osm format for download?


I’m currently generating a contourfile for europe and it takes a bit long. Almost at 32 hours… and 42GB @ 1450m with 5m interval…
What I did, was cutting up europe with splitter, filtered the minimal and maximum coordinates, and fed that to Srt2Osm.
Isn’t there a repository with ready-made contour-files? Saves time and energy converting over-and-over-again for different regions or uses.
I’m just not sure if the license would allow for it though.

Could you please explain what a contourfile is? Please give a link to such a file also.

I do not understand what connects a countourfile to a garmin device?

Reboli, you can use mine for the Benelux (5m interval), see my website @downloads. They are saved in mp format because I had to edit them a bit, the splitter generated straight artefacts that I had to delete. Mp files can be processed by mkgmap to make img files. For whole Europe you can find contour files at the openmtb pages for different countries.

btw contours are hoogtelijnen in Dutch :wink:

Thanks ligfietser, I didn’t noticed any artifacts in my maps. What type of artifact is it?
I did get plenty of artifacts when trying to combine the tiles I generated. Since Srtm2Osm won’t generate osm 0.6 compatible output for osmosis. I tried another solution which failed as well. I’ll try your tips.


I noticed some long straight lines (diagonal) of contours, I think it was caused by the splitter. I’m not able to combine the contours with osm data as well (osm data and contour lines in one tile) so if you find out how, let me know.

I meant combining all contour tiles in to one file per country. Separate from the topographic data. Easier to re-use.
I guess we’ll have to wait until poly-support is implemented… Volunteers?

I have all my contours in a separate garmin img file, which I overlay onto the OSM base map. It’s easy enough to do.

Of course!
That way you need to compile the images only once for the contours.
Very usefull indeed :wink:
Thanks csdf.