Contour lines in JOSM?

Am I mistaken or is there not a really useful and simple way to display contour lines in JOSM? I found and tried srtm2osm, from SRTM data, but it does not seem very useful to me and the proocess is unnecessary manual. Plus the represenation of contours as lines was confusing for me and got in the way. It would be easy for mapping streams. But srtm2osm is the only way, am I not mistaken?

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I’m using the bike map as a workaround

Maybe using a DTM layer derived from LIDAR helps, where the ground (and cuts of streams) is nicely visible.
Several of those layers are available in JOSM.

You mean this: ? (the ones directly in JOSM are even less, just a handful of Europen countries)

Sadly I am now mapping Chile, so it would not be of much use as that is only for Europe. In Europe, in my experience, even small creeks tend to be mapped.

Would you care to elaborate a bit? What is a bike map?

Yes, I meant those.
I didn’t know that there are none available for South America.

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Thanks above for the tip for OpenCycleOSM. It sort of works. Am I understanding it corrrectly that there is no contour only imagery set because nobody online provides it?

And nobody wrote any software that would use the SRTM data and produce contours localy (as imagery layer and not as ways, which is not practical at all I think). Well, fair enough, ti is open source so I do not get everything I wish for:-).

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