Continuing GL fixes


This is a thread to move discussions from emails over to a general forum. This seems to have stalled from January or so.

To kick it off, last we all talked there was an experiment in CM to get it right, what was the result of that? Is the quality now ok Russ?

I do continue to put right mistakes in CM as I find them, but cant comment if Grab are reviewing the data there.
In fairness, I’m back in the UK, and have poor internet for 1 month so you wont be seeing much from me until June. :frowning:

Thanks Russ, I think that the plan was to implement the new Quality policy and see if it’s effective at self-correcting the previous edits. I’d like Grab’s comments on whether they moved forward with this.

And I would like to see EXACTLY what Grab are now going to do with the CM Mapillary images. They have covered the city, so will we now see street names and businesses appearing on the map. Or will they reclassiify roads depending on size ? Maybe even a few one way streets will appear.
So whats going to happen next, Grab ? :confused:

Hi Mishari and Russ, thank you for starting this thread in the OSM forum. You can find all the details on the quality check process ( that Grab has been following in our OSM wiki. We have not been mapping in Thailand at the moment but if there’s any feedback on the previous edits, we are all ears.

Coming to the Mapillary images in Chiang Mai City(, it’ll be awesome if the community can use this for mapping and improving OpenStreetMap data. If you intending to plan a mapping party/mapathon using this imagery, we’ll be happy to join in and support it.

Jinal Foflia

Hi Jinal,

Alright let’s start marking areas for improvements. I can propose that you start fixing Bangkok around Chidlom as this is an area I know quite well. Would you like to do that?

Best Regards

Hello Mishari,

Sounds good. I like the idea of working in Bangkok around Chidlom. To start with, as you have the best understanding of this neighbourhood, it’ll be great if you can share the errors and improvements that we’d have to make to the existing data. Post you share that with us, we’ll share the resolution plan with the community. Let me know what you think?

Thank you,
Jinal Foflia

Hi Jinal

The idea is for you to identify the errors in your team, correct it, and apply your enhancements. The reason for this is that you’ve made changes in a lot of areas and we won’t be able to go through all of them and identify all the problems. If you fixed the error, we go through it and point out the gaps, you can adjust your internal process to catch these errors and so it won’t happen again therefore systematizing the fix into your workflow.

We’ve pointed out some of the errors through the comment system as well as osmcha.

Best Regards

As an uninvolved editor, I feel tempted to recommend Grab/GlobalLogic to suspend mapping, at least for a short period: unlike many disputes, where advice and diplomacy is the best option, this stands out differently because because we are dealing with an organised editing team that outsourced their mapping to an organisation that tried to undermine the integrity of our project.

I had to get my feelings out because I don’t take electoral fraud too kindly.

Hello Mishari,

Thank you for your feedback. We have this is on our roadmap in the coming quarters to work on it.

Also, the 360 imagery[1] uploads in Chiang Mai region is 100% complete[2]. Would really love to have some feedback from you and the community if it helped in any way.

[1] -
[2] -

Jinal Foflia

@jinalfoflia In Mappillary when I go to CM and enable filtering by 360 imagery, none of your imagery seems to come up.

Best Regards