Continous Green Intersection Mapping

I am looking for some expert opinions on tagging a type of complex intersection in my area that forms the shape of a T and allows continuous flow on one side. Start by looking at this way. Here is some Mapillary.

I’m not sure about how Lyft collapsed the dualized road into a point first but I could be wrong/out of date. Also the right turn (west to north) looks like it could be segregated.

I do not understand the short dualized road, either. You probably have to ask @ashybko_lyft directly. A changeset comment would be an option.

Anyway, I went ahead and tagged the intersection according to my opinion in detail with some tags from :lanes-tagging, mostly, turn, turn:lanes, change:lanes and placement. (Note, that iD does not support rendering these tags but JOSM has additional styles for it) I decided to use a separate object for the right-turn-lane from Copper Beach Lane to York Road as it bypasses the traffic light.

As I am from across the big lake (Atlantic), I’d might have missed some special US-concentric tagging style. Please, tell me about my mistakes (@Minh_Nguyen ?).

In one go, I additionally fix the broken type=route relation for MD 45 and added plus fixed some turn restrictions.

Not sure I understand the question. Based on the curbs channelizing the lanes, I think there should be separate ways. (I’ve seen situations in Indiana where this is not the case and we have no good way to model lane-dependent traffic signals, but thankfully not here.)

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Sorry, I was too quick with my changes without waiting for other opinions. Here is a hint how the intersection looked like before my edits.
If there are more questions I could partly revert my changes.

No problem. You fixed it!