Contacts with Thai Government Agencies?

I was wondering if anyone in the community might have contacts with any Thai government agencies, such as @Mishari, for instance.

It would be interesting to know if any agencies are currently using or considering the use of OSM for maintaining administrative data.

Additionally, it would greatly assist the OSM community if we could obtain official permission to utilize certain layers from the Department of Highways (DOH), the Department of Rural Roads (DRR), and the Royal Thai Survey Department…

In the past, I attempted to email these departments with the help of @nitinatsangsit, but unfortunately, we did not receive a response.

Hi @julcnx

At present it’s impossible because they can’t really grant licences to use the data without a lot of issues, it’s like they gave property away.

With a new administration however, things are expected to be different. I’ll certainly keep the community posted.

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