Contact someone

Hello community,

I’m using an openstreet map to help me find the invaders in Paris. I really like this map because it shows which ones have been destroyed, so you don’t have to look for nothing.

And just today I found one that is shown as active when it doesn’t exist.
I’ve tried to modify the map but I can’t, so I’d like to know how to contact the author…

The map is as follows: Photophoenix Space Invaders Map France - uMap

I can find his name but there’s no option to contact him… Any ideas?

Any ideas? Thanks!

As you say, About on that map links to this uMap user page of Michael Courtial.

It might be a coincidence, but there exists the OSM user with same name Michael Courtial. So I’d try clicking there and choosing Send Message to them if they are indeed the same person, and if so, can they update the map.

Failing that, one might try contacting and ask theming if they can help you get in contact with the user that created the map (preferably composing a message for the map creator explaining what you want, and asking them if they’d kindly forward it – leaving it to the map author to choose if they want to get back to you).