Connecting two roads of a different class.

Hello All,

This is fun: to participate in this global endevour!

I started in my own little neighbourhood and immediately stumbled upon a problem: I doesn’t seem to get the end of a road, a teriairy highway from AND, connected two my own road for bicycles and pedestrians, classified as a cycleway highway (no cars allowed). The blue dots just won’t pop up when I hoover my cycleway end point over the tertiairy highway.

Of course when some software plans a route over this it has to spot the connection somehow. For now, one is just overlapping the other a little, but I think this just won’t do.

All help will be greatly appreciated!

If two ways do not share a node you will not get a routing application to work there.

I’m having a hard time following what you mean so perhaps you could list step by step what you are doing? like this:

  1. open this webpage
  2. select this
  3. drag this

that didn’t work

Expected this:
that should highlight.

Hi emj,

It’s in Potlach editing that I have this problem. I have a sort of solution for it now, but you’ll still have to do it the less obvious way. Okay, step by step:

  1. There is an AND road on the map and I create another road, without connecting it. And then (and this is crucial!): I deselect, so uploaded it to the server.
  2. Then I decide (let’s say a day later): my road has to connect to the AND road and there starts the problem.
  3. I select my road and drag the end node to a node of the AND road, but it won’t connect!
  4. And here is what I found to be the solution for it and it does work, but to be honest: it doesn’t feel right: I click the end node of my road to create a new end node and then it does connect! Then, if I want I can delete the former end node and I’m all set.

So there it is; it works but it’s not how one would expect it to. The obvious thing would be to be able to just connect the existing endpoint to any other objects point, but non of the objects will accept a connection at this stage; no blue dots appear.

I hope I’m specific enough this time, but as you can tell the it’s not as urgent anymore as it was before.


I think you need to know some keyboard-shortcuts…
Here you can find a list of shortcuts:

Some things are only possible with this shortcuts.

To connect an existing end-node to an existing way, i do it like this:

  1. click on the end-node
  2. press the delete-key
  3. click on the way

And also very important to know is, that you can add a note to an existing way by shift-clicking it. And that you can start a new way from an existing node, by shift-clicking on the node…

The problem with what you are doing is that when you move a node most of the time you don’t want it to connect to other roads, but you are only moving it around to make it look better.

If the node you are moving isn’t the last one of a road then you have to split your way first, you do that by pressing “x”.

If the node you are moving is the last one in a road then you can to what TEL000 says or this:

  1. select the road

  2. select the last node (that you want to connect)

  3. click Backspace
    Now you should have a black line from the second last node to the point where you have your mouse.

  4. move your mouse over to the road you want to connect to.

  5. click on any of the nodes that will be highlighted.

Which is almost the same … only you explained more details. :wink:

Yep, using the backspace key works! I also took some more time to read the shortcuts list. Thanks you all!