Connecting database with OSM


I have my own database of more than thousand lat long. I have embedded the openstreetmap on my own webpage but i am having a difficulty in showing my database on my openstreetmap. . I have worked on google maps and successfully showed my database on google map using MYSQL database (xml file)(using Php and java script). Actually, I have lat long of cellular BTS and i want to show all the towers markers on a map. Where i can find the code which will connect my database to my map. Any help will be highly appreciated


have a look at and search for “markers”, database, multiple or POI …

Any success?

You can use Openlayers: to put markers on a slippy map.

Put your lat,lon’s in a .txt file and there you go.

I don’t understand that you can use a database and in the same time an xml file. It’s one or the other I would think.