I have a Garmin NUVI 680 with a 4G external sim card.When i look to download maps for Canada and U.S. there is now it can fit in the sd card.Am i missing something here? How do you fit it all in. Any help would be appreciated.


I couldn’t find specs for your Garmin NUVI 680 but you can use bigger micro-SD cards for loading your maps. I have a 16 GB card for my Garmin Montana. Garmin usually supplies info about the maximum size each GPS can accommodate (and that my quick search didn’t reveal) but I’d be willing to bet yours can handle a 16 GB card. And these days, those cards are super cheap.

From the Garmin site :-

nuvi 300, 600, 5000 series

Devices in the nuvi 300, 600, and 5000 series can use an SD card larger than 2 GB, but will not be able to read files larger than 2 GB from the SD card. For information on updating these devices, see Related Content.
Model Maximum Capacity Card Type Class
nuvi 350, 360, 370 32 GB SD Class 2 to 10
nuvi 650, 660, 670, 680 32 GB SD Class 2 to 10
nuvi 5000 8 GB SD Class 2 to 10

During a map update on the devices in this table, Garmin Express will not recognize a memory card inserted into the device. See the FAQ Update Maps Using Garmin Express on Devices That Do Not Support the SD Card Featurefor instructions on loading the full map update to these models.

If i was to create a map manually, most of Canada and all of mainland U.S. that would be a little more than 4GB. If i had a 8GB external sim card would the gps read it.