Conflicts on not download area

I have downloaded an area and updated roads. I get no errors or warnings when running the validation manually.
But when I try to upload I often get several conflicts outside the downloaded area.
The conflict panel says a node is deleted in my current version, but not deleted in the server version.

I have not edited or deleted anything outside the download area, even if some long ways stretch out in the not downloaded part.

Any tips why this happen?

Corresponding question on help:

Not sure what exactly was going on here, but I suspect the intended workflow is to download OSM data and merge the layer containing imported data into it (which is also the step when you would remove duplicates and ensure proper integration with the existing data in general).

Yes the workflow is as you describe it.

I get very confused about the conflicts. In the conflict panel I mostly select “don’t delete” and hopefully I can correct any errors later.