Conference SOTM 2018?

Dear friends,

we disputed last week in the polish chapter the idea of SOSM conference of so called Middle-East Europe. We have probably more of less similar situations in our countries, and it would be interesting to met together and talk.

We have good oportunity to make this conference in Poznań. We are thinking about february 2018. I wish to invite you all to this conference. The “official” message will come some days later.
If one of active member of russian community would have any problems with visa, our chapter will try to help.

With best regards to all my Russian OSM friends!


На поезде можно добраться из Москвы до Познани без пересадок за 19 часов и 8800 рублей в одну сторону.


It was a real challenge to find enough participants for SOTM Baltics in 2013.

I believe there is now less active people in OSM than in 2013. So it will be probably even more difficult to find enough particpants from Central Europe and Russia.

How about organizing SOTM Europe (for the whole Europe)?

Dear vvovv, I have no problem with that. We are ONE community and work together at one map. Especially our “part” of Europe do a lot for OSM. Western countries often don´t know what happens in “east” Europe. So, I find this conference important. Recently in Poland a lot of emergency services are using OSM, firework departments take care about OSM Quality in some parts of the country. We need to change the look of main page. The look of main page was ok maybe 20 years before. We need 3D in main map, we need vector map, wee need clickable POI, we need better search.

So, we have to talk together, we have to act.

What? I don’t know about the Baltic countries, but I have the feeling that OSM is now more active than ever, also in Russia. and the likes brought a lot of users to the project, there are more and more companies using OSM and the map has shown steady growth in Russia.

One of the reasons I came to SotM-Baltics was that I knew there was masses of good work going on in East & Central Europe which I wanted to learn about. Despite, or perhaps, because of, the small numbers it was one of the more interesting SotM events I have attended.

It may be worth taking a look at the formats SotM-Fr have used over the past 3-4 years. Their first day is very much aimed at local, central government bodies & companies both as users & contributors to OSM. Some of this may be a bit dull to committed OSMers, but is often new to many of the attendees. Hearing a talk from, say, a local government GIS team, on providing an on-line cycle map may validate the idea of using OSM far more than hearing from an enthusiast. However, one advantage the French have is that people can come just for the day: it gets much more complex if travel is further and visas are involved.

SotM-Fr demonstrates that within a country one can get attendances not far short of the main SotM event. I believe that VdCT (and also J-L Zimmerman & Tony Emery) did loads and loads of work to make it happen though.

Altogether I think this is a good (& necessary) initiative.

Jerry brought alot of contributors of one or two OSM nodes, but not active community members and conference participants.

I doubt all those companies using OSM would take part in the conference.

Just so you know, the location for SOTM 2018 has been already decided on, but it’d be great to have a local / Eastern-European SotM in Poland.

Where will be SOTM 2018?

Dear friends, Happy New Year!
There is the page of the conference:

We wish to talk especially about high resolution maps (micromapping / area:highway mapping / enhancing of 3D specification) and local cooperation of eastern european countries.

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I´m hoping to see some of you!

Marek, what is the host city of the conference?
Which dates?

And the conference website is down.

Also, deadlines for participation and talks?

conference language?

13 and 14 April, Poznan, English, middle February.

The site should be up - could you check it?

The conference website is accessible now.

We have transferred the website to another host, which has no problems with spaming history (that one was shared), so soon it should be accessible everywhere.