Conference SOTM 2018?

We disputed last week in the polish chapter the idea of SOSM conference of so called Middle-East Europe. We have probably more of less similar situations in our countries, and it would be interesting to met together and talk.

We have good oportunity to make this conference in Poznań. We are thinking about february 2018. I wish to invite you all to this conference. The “official” message will come some days later.

I don’t know how is the situation with Visa, but if one of active community members would need one, we can probably help.

With best regards!


Hi Marek, thanks for the invitation.
I personally won’t be able to make it in Feb, however can see people on here being interested.
Visas shouldn’t be that much of a challenge (those in the western part mostly have them already :))

Hi Marek!
Great news! I hope to visit this conference. Keep us informed:)

Dear friends, please use this page for registration:

We will have some very interesting people there.
you can see it is middle April in Poznań. There are directly trains from Warsaw.
I wish to discuss outside of lectures about an cooperation project in makin one website alternatively to the for our region. Some people, not only in Poland are disappointed because the changes and innovation on the main page is pretty slow. So we will to write down, what could be nice on such page, which countries could participate and how.

Could anyone of you confirm if the site is available? We have some strange problems with access from some countries.

Not available (I am from Belarus).

Thanks for the report. We’re currently investigating the issue and looking for a solution.

We have transferred the website to another host, which has no problems with spaming history (that one was shared), so soon it should be accessible everywhere.

It’s OK now.