Conditional bollard

This node is an hydraulic bollard in the middle of a country road.

It is raised between Friday 22:00 and Sunday Sunday 22:00, to make sure people can hear their lawnmowers undisturbed by traffic during weekends I guess… :grinning:

Anyway, I added access:conditional=yes @ Sun 22:00-24:00;Mon-Thu;Fri 00:00-22:00 to the bollard but routers do not seem to take it into account. They avoid the road at all times and days.


  • Can you confirm if routers can follow conditional access rules on a bollard? If yes, is there something wrong with my clause?
  • Alternatively I was thinking of removing the bollard node and placing the condition on the stretch of road that is inaccessible when the bollard is up (+ a description of what is going on). Does it sound reasonable?

Many routeplanners do not support conditional clauses, whether they are on bollards or on the road segment.

If you want routers to take the way, use access=yes; motor_vehicle=yes, motor_vehicle:conditional=no @ Fri 22:00 - Sun 22:00

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Thank you, I just did that.

Don’t forget to add maxwidth:physical=* so routers know how much space to play when up.

(Interesting only now notice the double sided green/red simplified traffic_signals at left.)