Concerns about edits by Thanosmed (public transport)


I have concern that user Thanosmed is deleting or damaging valid public transport information over many changesets:

  1. (version #2)
  2. (version #2)
  3. (version #2 onwards)
  4. (version #2 onwards)

This user is also replacing stop positions with station or halt nodes (e.g., which is not in the public transport manual.

I have asked for an explanation at:

If I do not receive an explanation, and subject to approval of the community, I may have to ask the DWG to revert the changesets.

That’s weird indeed, especially when the railway connection of Paleofarsalos-Kalabaka still operates.

On irrelevant note, why did you add the “Train ΑΠ” at the routes? I don’t recall seing the ΑΠ part anywhere before. What does it mean?

I just saw Thanosmed’s first reply. I believe it does not explain why the stop area relations and stop positions (active or not) were deleted (, version #2). Thanosmed’s edits went against the Public Transport V2 tagging convention that is in use globally (

I included request stops in relations, so that public transport planners can determine what services serve said stop.

If you are wondering how we should map stops, see: - the same applies for stations.

I feel marking request stops as halts instead of stations should be sufficient.

ΑΠ is a code used by TrainOSE to indicate a regular train that isn’t Proastiakos. Much like IC for the Athens-Thessaloniki route, and ICE for ones that use ETR trains.

Public Transport V2 tagging scheme is located here

I scraped enough time to recover the relations at, using JOSM plugin Undelete.

Oh yeah, there is Undelete plugin. I totally forgot that plugin. Good point!!!
Good job ika-chan! :slight_smile:

I had to ask a FB group of Greek Railway Friends, because I couldn’t find that abbreviation. It seems even though it’s nowhere mentioned on Hellenic Trains (I prefer TrainOSE but whatevah :p) sites, it is indeed mentioned in some cases within stations. Pretty weird tbh.

ΑΠ=Απλό Τρένο
ICE=InterCity Express

So, I don’t think the ΑΠ abbreviation should be used in the relations, or at least in the name tag. Maybe in the full name or another name subtag, but not the main name tag. Especially since it’s an abbreviation rarely used officially. IC and ICE are more frequently used.