Conceptual question (bear in mind i'm a beginner)

I would like to know if it is possible to add another layer over the top of the open street map and within that layer use a javascript graphics library to draw various things. I’m coming at this from an art point of view.

An alternative would be plotting points in certain patterns into the map.

The idea is to add routes and then be able to print out the maps. This is quite a basic idea can you please point me in the right direction to achieve this. E.g. if I wanted to draw a route onto the map. I’m not that bothered about gpx points at the moment just in having a visual representatino of the route.



There are number of websites that let you draw a track or route on top of an OSM based map. Have a look at this list, and see if any do what you want: Track drawing websites

Or if you want something on your own website, that you can customise etc, you can do this with OpenLayers. Some simple OSM examples here:
Then for drawing with OpenLayers, see the examples here (use the filter for keyword “draw”):