Comunity halls

I come form a rural area in Scotland, we have what are referred to as “community halls” – these are buildings that can be hired by anyone for anything they want, meetings, social events, regular entertainment events, concerts, poetry readings, whatever.

How should this be classified?

I’ve gone for amenity=hall; building=hall; name=*

I considered calling it a town hall, but it’s niether in a town, nor even nearly grand enough for that. village hall would cover it I suppose…

How about amenity=public_building or amenity=townhall?

I suppose this raises a more complex question of how this stuff is actually used – how are all of the above rendered? If you make up your own tags are they rendered at all, or are they just silently dropped during the rendering process?

The information what happens with amenity=townhall,

can be found here: Needs some update. It is being rendered according to this page, with a nice icon.

If you have different experience, better up-date the page accordingly.

The amenities I mentioned are from the map features page in the wiki. You can be pretty sure that you are not the only one mapping those items and renderers support it (or will support it soon)