Complex junctions - 5 way

I’m pondering the best way to tackle updating what was once a simple, if large, roundabout and is now a traffic light controlled 5 way junction. It’s a forest of traffic lights.

The junction in question:

The new road layout (PDF from Edinburgh Council):

I’ve got a bunch of GPX tracks over the junction (uncorrected GPS) and also have overlayed the various traffic lanes:

(thin blue = existing OSM highways; blue = my tracks; red = traffic lanes)

So, should there be a way for each of those traffic lanes?? Or just make them meet at a single node…


Personally I’d just do a single node with the outside left-turn roadways as links (assuming each road is single carriageway, which it looks like from the plan). If there are dual carriageways, eh. I guess draw the major movements and make sure all others are possible.
The other possibility is to draw the central pentagonal bounds and label it as a highway with =yes. If the ways have to be badly distorted to meet at a single point, I’d probably do this.

I agree

Thanks guys, that’s what I’ve done.