Completeness of a region on wiki

Wouldn’t it be useful to know how finished a region is (country, state, city)? I propose a wiki page to make a list of regions, and how finished they are in various types of tags. For example percentage of drawn classified roads, rails, fuel stations, hotels and similar. Mappers should find official lists of certain objects and see how many of them there is on the map. That way the user knows how much he can depend on the map.

This would also give incentive to new mappers to finish their region. If a mapper sees that his city has 30% drawn fuel stations, he will try to fill it up to 100%.

What do you guys think?

There are already some model methods for that:

have a look at and scroll down. There are tables with several icons about several areas with different colors to show the completeness.

Have a look at wiki pages for other cities or areas to find similar, or add some where needed.

This looks almost exactly like I thought it should. It’s just that “public” and “tourism” are a little vague terms. If I have all hotels, but not all apartments, I wouldn’t know how to put a number on that. Maybe someone just wants to know if all hotels are mapped in a certain city.

But this is a great start. I’ll do the same with my city (Zagreb).