Complaints of JOSM after saving.

Hi JOSM complaints with this message, but failed to show the wrong doings in the window next to it.
Codes Mislukt! (failure) Verwijderen (remove / delete) van knoop (node) 4396883184. Er wordt nog steeds naar verwezen door weg 441994770.
Laad de weg, (download and remove the node) verwijder de verwijzing naar de knoop en upload opnieuw.
So it all turns about node 4396883184 and way 441994770 how do I find them to correct it ?
I don’t want to loose almost 400 changes due to this failure ?

It looks like you marked node 4396883184 to be deleted. OSM won’t let you because this node is part of way 441994770 which is not in your current dataset. To download a single object from OSM in JOSM try and add way 441994770 to your data layer.

Hi, yes that s it.
Data is saved. It was a tree - row and its gonna be single trees, a more realistic view.