Como have lost a lot of streets [Licence-Changing]

Now, in Como are a lot of streets missing. I hope, there will be some mappers for remapping these streets.

Maybe, I still have some gps-tacks with some tag-infos from Como… I will check it this week. If I have some tracks with infos (maxspeeds, oneways, streetnames), I will post it here again. But if I have some tracks, they will be about 2 or 3 years old).

Hi, you could upload them on OSM?
I’ll post to the mailing list, thanks.

I don’t know, if it works, because, there will be some additional informations in the gpx, which can make some problems on the upload to… I’ll test it - if I really find some tracks from Como. If it woudn’t work to upload them to, I will upload them to my webspace (and I will post the URL to the tracks). So everyone can download them from my webspace and load it into JOSM or Mercaator.

but, it isn’t sure, that I still have the tracks… I must check it. Till end of this week, I can post it here, if I found something…

I posted in Mailing List and they said it will be remapped through aerial imagery and it will be hosted a Mapping Party somewhere in the future. :slight_smile:

In Como there is an active mapping community, and we knew about the loss: it was just one editor who had done a couple of weeks of mapping back when there was nothing else, and then disappeared.

Since the edits were so old and mixed up with everything else, we were afraid to start remapping and then find out that we had skipped deleting something, and have to remap it again.

Our plan was to redraw the roads from areal maps as soon as they were deleted (I believe it has been done, or at least it is >90% done) and then host a mapping party to:

  • get back the names of the roads
  • systematically add POIs etc.
  • try and get some publicity, and possibly find some new mapper

Now we’re wondering if it is better to skip numer 3 and host a “private” party ASAP, or wait a few more weeks without street names and host the party in september, when we have a chance to get some public.

Maybe, you don’t know that:
All the green boxes are ready. So in Italy the bot has finished.

Yes, I meant that the remapping of roads from areal pics was at least 90% done.

Sorry about that missunderstanding. I saw a lot of remapped streets yesterday, remapped myself and added some street-names as far as I could restore them with tracks, notices and photos made in 2011 with osm-tracker as a training.

so, I’ve checked, if I have some tracks from Como. But I was wrong: from Como I have nothing. Sorry.
But I saw, that there are almost all roads remappt again, now. Great job. Thanks.