Community vector tile server

In other threads, I’ve discussed the OpenMapTiles vector tile server that I host on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for OSM Americana development. While I’m still hosting that server on AWS, for cost reasons, that server is now accessible at a new address:

I’ve analyzed what it costs me to run the server, and it’s an estimated $0.09 per one million tile loads (on top of the regular cost of storage and running the server). At those prices, I’m happy to continue allowing the community to use the server for community purposes as, so far, my bandwidth costs have been negligible. However, I provide no service guarantee and may choose to end the service at any time. I hope that making this server available can help to jump-start community vector style development.

In addition, I felt it would be useful to share my recipe with the community for standing up an OpenMapTiles vector tile server, along with a breakdown of costs. A planet vector tile server costs less than $20 a month to run if you don’t need regular map updates, or even cheaper with different AWS resource choices. I’ve completed a write-up of how I set my server up as a diary entry here: