Community Moderators Proposal for Thailand: advice/feedback needed

In a nutshell:

  • the lack of rules and decisions in the very small Thailand OSM community has created over the last years a toxic environment for new and well-intentioned mappers while allowing (corporate) vandalism to thrive.
  • with the future migration of forums to, and with the confirmed approach that each community could set its own rules, I believe this might be the right time for a major change
  • working on a proposal to have the community elect on a yearly basis 3 trusted community moderators that would define and revise the first community guidelines and proactively moderate them
  • looking for advice and feedback on the full proposal below from OSM experts, especially those who experienced the same issues in their small communities and took successful steps:

PS: I will subscribe to osm-talk when it migrates to the modern :wink:

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Thanks for sharing this, I think other communities may feel reflected with the problems you are currently trying to solve.

@mikko_tamura and @RAytoun might be able to provide some ideas based on their experiences with both local communities in the Asian region and issues around validation and data quality that I see listed in your proposal.

In my experience, my mental model to tackle these kind of issues is:

  • Deeply understand the problems that need to be solved and why they are really problems.
  • List how do the community would like to see the dynamics in an ideal future.
  • Come up with some assumptions on what can be done to walk into that direction.
  • Quickly test the assumptions (1-2 months max) to understand if they are being helpful.
  • Evaluate what happened after the testing, what worked, what didn’t and iterate.

In my opinion, the base OSM etiquette guidelines provide a really good start around framing discussions. They can be tested in a community during some time and observe what else is needed.