Community index for Thailand


I want to add contact options to the Thailand community.

It is displayed for example after you submit an edit using the iD editor.

I certainly want to list this forum for the full geographic area of Thailand.

Shall I list anything else? Local user meetups? I can think of the mapper meetings in Chiang Mai. Probably going to get in touch with Johnny as he organized the last few ones.

Other local groups? Anything else to add? Is there a Facebook group?


There is a Facebook group, , but it’s really inactive.

The forum is added.

In case someone with a question would sign up to the Facebook group and ask there: Is there a chance of a response? If so, I would add it to provide another communication channel.
If someone the “moderator” of that Facebook group? It is required to specify at least one email contact when adding a resource.

Basic questions would probably get answered fairly quickly (though the last one was over a year ago). One of the admins of the group is Thep; I don’t have his email, but you could probably ask via message.

I had been in contact with Thep. Facebook is added.

Due to the lack of a way to specify the order, the facebook group might appear above the forum, just in case you wonder…

So right now we have listed: the local meetups in Chiang Mai, Facebook, Forum