Community appreciation

I usually interact with other mappers only when I have questions about their changesets or when I have critique. So I wanted to use this new community subcategory to actually appreciate what they do.

I’d like to say thanks to

Chris Kerr - for a lot of StreetComplete edits.
fghj753 - for the latest import of buildings from Maa-amet.
@Pikse - for village borders and ditches, also initiating discussions in changesets.
Svimik - for his earlier investment in Estonia and I occasionally still use
@tshikaboom - active micromapping and initiating discussions.
@mikaeldui - was brave enough to be a moderator here!
@Apirnus - newbie micromapper who strives to do everything well.
Jemm, @waterproof_19m, Mapfixer3000 - just a LOT of contributions daily.
umKaardistaja, @dgmapping, Karljohan, MarkusPuu - more casual, but stable mappers.
@Bobropiton - for public transport in Tallinn - not many cities are this good!
@Zverik - for starting Estonia category and EveryDoor app (which I don’t use, but it’s still cool ;P)
@kalvo - introducing OSM to students and using it in education.

These aren’t all mappers contributing to Estonia, but the ones I’ve noticed more. Also maybe you guys did a lot more than I’ve mentioned, but that’s what I’ve noticed.

Anyway, you guys are cool.


Huge thanks to @qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq as well! Your contribution by monitoring and analysing Estonian changesets is greatly appreciated!