Comments have opened for the proposal to add the Translate extension to OSM Wiki

The commenting (a.k.a voting) period for the heavily revised proposal to Add the Translate Extension to the OSM Wiki is now open.


The Translate extension provides a translation user interface, semi-automatic translation, translation progress, and other features that significantly improve the process of translating pages compared to the current translation system.

It is a stable and popular extension used on multi-language wikis like,,, and

Usage of this extension for page translation will not be mandatory over the current system, but rather act as an additional option for translators to use.

Changes and clarifications since the previous proposal

  • The Visual Editor can now be used to edit translatable pages
  • Pages translated using the Translated extension do not have to be 1:1 translations. In fact, translations can add different content if they want to.
  • There is a new user group that called Translation administrators that will have the exclusive right of enabling and marking a page for translation
  • Users can make a page translatable without requiring inserting<translate></translate> tags by using Special:PagePreparation which inserts them automatically
  • Addition of the extension will not be determined by 75% approval or greater and instead consensus