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Hello all,

There has been a recent influx of new users in my area and I am trying to point them toward resources and give feedback on their changesets (as some have flagged them as requesting feedback,) but I have run into a rate limit. I cannot find documentation of this anywhere, could anyone tell me how long I should be waiting between comments? Or is there a way to have this rate limit removed from my account?

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You can find limitations for the API here, and for commenting, the limits are listed here. In the sources, you’ll also find information on when limits may be increased.


Thank you for the links. Unfortunately I am not a coder, so I can’t quite parse when the increase might apply.

At the rate of 6 per hour, it will likely take me all day to comment on all these users changesets. In the meantime, they are continuing to edit using the wrong imagery offset. A bit of a frustrating situation. :frowning:

I don’t know ruby, but if I understand the code correctly you should now be at 8 comments per hour (using the great tools of @pitscheplatsch at

One week with 25 comments per day should get you to the maximum of 60 comments per hour.

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If you share the changesets that are of concern, the rest of the community may be able to comment on them.

There is unlikely a single correct imagery offset for a given area of any size. The necessary offset can vary by moving just a few hundred meters in any direction, especially if the area has high relief. In addition, many of the imagery sources available in OSM are mosaics, with different parts collected from different angles, which impact the offset. Finally, sources are updated occasionally, and each update is likely to have a different offset from “truth”.

We have had the average offset calculated by the local Geodesie and it is a standard listed on our wiki page: Montréal - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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As they say about averages " head in the oven, feet in the freezer, on average I’m comfortable." In other words, just because you have an average doesn’t mean that there are not places where the average offset differs greatly from “truth”. An average may not be meaningful for this application without knowing the distribution (if the distribution is normal and the standard deviation is small, you might be ok). It could be that the mappers you are complaining about are producing more accurate data than you are using this average.

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That is not particularly relevant to this thread. It is a standard we follow and typically alert new users to, and there were other issues that needed to be commented on. Please believe me when I say that the feedback was needed.

The issue is resolved, anyway.

Can you point us to a region where this happens? Would like to take a look.(bet others too)

If every new user seems to be wrong… maybe they arent?


I suspect they are a class from a nearby university doing an assignment. They are making many basic mistakes, but once I commented on some of them, they started following the advice (such as actually tagging closed businesses as vacant instead of just putting a note in their description.)

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Perhaps ask them who is giving them (all) the assignment - that way you get to have the conversation once, not many times.