Combining satellite imagery with OSM data

I know OSM isn’t made for satellite imagery.

I’m interested in taking OSM data, and combining it with satellite imagery to come up with some form of 3D rendered satellite imagery.

I know without using stereo photogrammetry (multiple photographs from different angles) the data for the hidden sides of buildings just isn’t there, so there’s just no way to actually create it. I’m happy to have the side information faked. (Perhaps stretching up the pixels marked as being higher up, living with the streaking? Maybe just some sort of auto-fill?)

Can anyone point me toward programs, processes, explanations, tutorials, blog posts, etc, about going in this direction?

Basically looking to do something like Google Maps 3D auto-generated or Apple Maps 3D, but obviously no where near as good.

What about asking in the special OpenStreetMap 3D subforum on this site? Should be a better place, maybe …

Would it be an option for you to use OSM2World to create the geometry for terrain, buildings etc., and add aerial imagery as a texture to the ground and buildings?