combining maps

Sorry if this has been asked (I’m a newbie)

  1. Can I make maps on this site and combine them with a city navigator map (image) using gmaptool?

  2. if I can, what would happen if the area overlap? For example, I have city navigator south america. Although it is great in some countries, it has very little for Bolivia and Paraguay (where I’m going this summer). Could I combine that with open source maps and end up with more details in those countries?


No, you cant merge them because CN is in another format. What you could try is make the OSM maps transparent with gmaptool and use it as overlay on top of CN. It should have a higher draw priority as well (between 25-31 I think).


Forgot to mention that you better use the generic maps without typ file.
Otherwise you should adapt the typ file too, and make the background layer also transparent.
The Openfietsmap Lite has also a transparent background, you could try that map as well.

BTW CN has 30 as draw priority so you have to make the OSM maps 31 (which is the highest possible).

Thanks again. Unfortunately, I’m green, I’ve done nothing so far besides combine CN maps. So I will have to play around and I will use your recommendations.

One more question, I was able to combine a map I made here of South America with a CN map I have of North America and put it on my Oregon.

I’m guessing though that doing that means the direction function won’t work? If I just had OSM on it, I would be able to map directions???

If you have two maps active (osm and CN), your Garmin gets confused and makes routing errors.
So when you want to make routes, it is better to have only one map active, or make OSM not routable, but that is not what you want if the OSM map shows more roads than CN.