Combining Maps on BaseCamp

I have downloaded several of the European maps as osm_generic_new_windows.exe files and installed them to BaseCamp. It is a wonderful thing too! All that lovely mapping for free!

When I use the maps I can choose any one of them for display from the BaseCamp Maps menu. But if I want to plant waypoints and create a route from those I do not get any routing except on the displayed map. The portions outside that map are direct or point to point routes.

And I would have to have waypoints near the entry to exit from each country to get routing across it.

Is there a way to combine the OSM Windows mapping I have installed on the computer now to get a map display with more than one nation on it?


You can combine the img’s with OSM Combiner, only if those country sets are from the same date. If not, download new sets (you can choose, osm combiner will create a new installer for all those combined tiles).

OK, and thanks.

I’ve studied that Combiner manual page a little more and I think I’d best download the tiles zips. I have a folder with *.img files from the OSM windows.exe installs but they don’t say that those will work. So I’ll wait until I can get the files downloaded.


You can try it. Problem is that if those country sets are from different dates, routing could be broken or tiles with the same name will cause problems: during each compilation the planet will be split up into tiles and the tile names are not fixed, this means that tile 12345678.img could be in a different country set next update.

They were all downloaded within two days, the date at the page for choosing the downloads was always 04-01-2017 so I probably am OK as far as the dates.

That date caught my eye when I was doing the downloads because of the apparent day-month-year arrangement, I am more used to seeing dates as year-month-day and that confused me at first.

I’ll have the tiles zips all downloaded within the next day or so and then will give the combiner a try. If I get a chance I might try running the *.img files from the windows.exe downloads (as installed to the Maps folder now) through the combiner just to see what happens.