Combined House Hold Waste and Plastic?

Hello, In our area the gemeente have recently combined household general trash with plastic, it all goes into the same underground container and gets separated at the recycling center. What would would be the correct definition of this in Openstreet maps?

amenity = recycling?
recycling:plastic = Yes?

But what about its primary function which is normal house hold trash?

Some where this is related to

Would something like this be accurate?


Hi hendrix123,
did you mean something like that:
My guess is, it should be more or less what you mentioned:
operator=(if known, but it’s not mandatory)
I do not tag the opening hours of containers and I do not understand access=private.

Access=private if you need a milieupas to open the container?
Many APV’s have rules forbidding to put glass in containers from 22:00-7:00, hence the opening:hours?

Thanks lyctkel & IIVQ,

Access=private, Yes a key is needed.
Opening hours, maybe this is overkill. I will leave these out since there are no time restrictions (no glass) … though people opening and closing the bin at 1am is annoying :D.

Happy Mapping!

location=underground is meant for things which are not visible from the surface, such as basements, cables or pipes. This is a surface container which just happens to store its waste below the surface. Unless you physically have to go underground to drop your waste in (which I doubt), using location=underground is incorrect here. It dilutes the purpose of that tag.

@85Bas I tend to agree, but Wiki says else:

edit: mening toegevoegd

That’s strange, I really don’t think that’s in concordance with what the location=underground tag is meant for. Functionally these containers are pretty much the same as a regular above-ground bin, apart from the fact that they have some extra space to store it which happens to be underground.

But apparently the wiki says otherwise. Thanks for the correction Geim and my apologies for stating my comment as a fact rather than an opinion.

I would just tag this as amenity=waste_disposal. The location doesn’t offer any recycling option to the people. How the municipality handles the waste is up to them. Tagging this as recycling feels like green-washing to me.

I totally agree. location=underground is more for pipes and electrical cables.

So only the waste_disposal storage is underground, the actual waste_disposal location is not

I think the wiki is in error. The tag is amenity=waste_disposal. location=underground would mean that if you would like to get rid of your waste, you have to go underground?