Colours of Freizeitkarte are pastel instead of bright on Montana GPSr

Hello all,

I’m creating a new TYP file for displaying Garmin maps in the layout of the Dutch stafkaart colouring. For this I use recent downloads of Freizeitkarte-OSM garmin .img files, edit my new stafkaart.TYP file (exact colours that I want), and then apply this new TYP file to the img garmin mapfile. On my GPSr, the map then doesn’t have the bright colours, but flat, more pastel colours. Yet, some items such as geocache symbols (data not in the map file but in separate GPX files) do have bright colours. This not only happens to my special TYP file, but for all Freizeitkarte-OSM maps.

What am I missing? Is this normal for a Garmin Montana? Or is this a Freizeitskarte bug/feature? And what can I do about it?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.
Regards, Wim van Dorst

Garmin only supports a limited colour range, with the typviewer editor you can see if it is supported or not.
I’m not familiar with the Freizeit Typ file, you can try to ask it here,

Hi Ligfietser,

Thanks for your answer. I use Typ_wiz tool (same kind of tool as Typviewer), and there I see the normal colours. Even, on the display of my Garmin, I actually SEE the bright colours used in POIs, etc, but not in the Freizeitkarte background. Also thanks for the reference to the other more specific forum. Very helpful.

Regards, Wim