Coloured entrances

This seemed like a relatively simple problem, yet I couldn’t find a definitive answer on the OSM wiki or this forum. This shopping centre has entrances which are represented by colours (in this case, blue, cyan, yellow and red). These colours are visible at each entrance (see this note), so this information is verifiable. How would one go about tagging these colours onto the entrance node? Some ideas:

  • colour=*
  • ref=*
  • description=*

What would be the best approach here?

Side remark: this concept of associating colours with arbitrary objects isn’t just limited to entrances. In some multi-storey car parks, each floor has its own colour; in Leuven Gasthuisberg hospital, the main corridors through the hospital (which they call “streets”) have their own associated colour, which is used on guideposts, signs and route instructions you obtain from the reception.

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I don’t think ref=* would be incorrect. Something like ref:colour would be nice for internationalisation and allowing automatic rendering, but is probably only consumed by projects using it for colour coded roads as that seems to be all that’s documented.

The colour key is used on its own for public transport routes, but I’m not sure what I’d do if the physical colour of the entrance differed from the reference colour.

In this hospital in the same city, each block also has a specific color (see below), and the signage uses said colors in the background (w/ a black/white letter on the foreground) to identify the blocks.

  • A = Green
  • B = Blue
  • C(a) / C(b) = Orange
  • D = Yellow
  • G = Red
  • H = Gray
  • No (sleep-related unit) = Pink
  • Z = Purple