Colour rendering in night mode

Hi, I posted the below in Questions and Answers, and am reposting here at Ligfietser’s suggestion.

Previously when I’ve installed Lambertus’s maps (generic routable), they’ve had a default black background in night mode. Now, whether or not I include a typ file, the default colour is grey. This flickers somewhat, and is not as pleasing to the eye. However, when the next turn popups appear, they are always clear black, as previously.

I’ve always used the basic generic routable version (for a couple of years now), as the new style version had the flickering grey background at night.

Something’s changed, as previously there was also very nice rendering of woodland (in both night and day mode) with green blobs - this is also no longer there.

Is there any way to fix this, please?

I’m using a Streetpilot 2610, if that makes any difference.

I’m not very technical, and I’ve downloaded typviewer and I’m frankly baffled - not a clue how to use it. I also followed a link from Mueschel, but that appears not to be working.

Any help/advice gratefully received!

For other viewers, the link is

I dont have any knowledge about the Streetpilot but you can try to check your device for map installing problems:

Mueschel’s alternative TYP file is using the Generic New style map so that won’t work for the generic map.
Besides, to install the typ file, you need another Javawa tool,

Thanks. I don’t think there are any installation problems - everything else works as it used to.

Guess I’ll just have to try and educate myself in some of these technical aspects. Does Lambertus read stuff on here? Would he be able to tell me if he’s changed something to make the background (and tree rendering) different? The older maps looked beautiful at night and I’d really like to get back to that.

I’m afraid not

Well, he didn’t do anything with the background. If you choose to install the generic maps without TYP file, the default garmin settings are used and this has been the same for ages. So I’m pretty sure this issue has to do with changed settings in your device or other installed maps that were added. Sometimes a hard factory reset might help here. If you run Javawa Device Manager, there is an option to post a report of the check of your device online so we can check it.

Thanks - I’ll try what you suggest.

I think something has changed. JaVaWa Device Manager is not compatible with older Garmins like my StreetPilot 2610, so I’ve done a hard reset on the device, and deleted all the pre-existing maps from MapSource. The ‘generic routable’ maps with no TYP file are still rendered with grey at night, and don’t have the green blobs representing woodland. They look horrible.

I’ve found another site ( and downloaded some of their maps. They look perfect, and have a black background with woodland rendered as green blobs, both day and night. In other words, the way Lambertus’s maps used to.

I’ve made a donation to Frikart and it looks as though I’ll be using their maps in the future.

This sounds that you have used Lambertus generic map with the Mapnik.typ file before. Without it, forests look horrible and have always looked horrible, thats just the old Garmin map style without typ files, awful. It looks the same on Mapsource, with brown stripes all over the place. makes use of a Typ file too, so I’m glad to hear that this works for you.

Many thanks, ligfietser. I’ve emailed Sverre at to ask what kind of TYP file(s) he uses, and what the difference is between ‘Roadmap’ and ‘Roadmap II’. The two versions look identical side by side on my devices.

To compare, I’ve tried to download a map from Lambertus, this time a ‘generic routable’ WITH typ file, but the site appears to be down at the moment?

Yep, it is down until noon (Central European Time). You can download the Generic typ file here: