Colorado State Capitol Building indoor mapping

I started this a while ago, but then moved on to other projects. I started again and have finished the first two levels (-1;0). Any opinions on the work so far before I continue with the next two levels? Mistakes? Opinions? Suggestions? I want to make sure I’m on the correct path.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! I’ve only had a cursory look, but one element that stood out to me was this multipolygon relation:
Is that actually a (really thick) wall mapped as an area? Or are these spaces merely surrounded by walls?

(Nice 3d outdoor mapping on that building, by the way!)

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, its a really thick wall that reaches through many levels, but not all levels. Here is the odd-looking staircase surrounded by those thick walls:

Speaking of the 3D work, here are more examples in the same city :wink:

Union Station:

Denver Art Museum

Denver Greek Theater:

Fisher Tower with two skybridges in the background:

Auraria rooftop details:

Three rooftop water tanks:

Coors Field:

Downtown church:

Auraria church - note the two crosses placed on the roof just for some nice (and accurate) detail:

Pavilions roof details along with a road through the building: