Collaborative project (from students)

Hi everyone,

Within the framework of a Master2 GIS course « Data management system », we carried out a collaborative project about improving the routes linking the 16 biggest towns of the Rhône-Alpes region (in France). This was done as a real draft. Each student fulfilled a role (project manager, communication referent, sourcing, semantics, and topology)

To lead this project, we set up a methodology to solve effectively the different problems that we identified.

  • Definition of a town, ranking of the 16 biggest ones in the Rhône-Alpes region, creation of a chart with the coordinates or the address.
  • Route planner with OSRM, GMaps, ViaMichelin: Variables, distances and time were taken into account. A comparison between the different routes and the calculations of standard errors were realized too.
  • Inventory of the mistakes of OpenStreetMap.
  • Mistake cluster (semantic, topological, geometric)
  • Realization of various tutorials necessary to our work.
  • Correction of the road map graph.

If you’re interested in our project, you’ll find further information on the following link :

Best regards from the Master2 GIS class

Is there an English version of this page available at all? … ng_Machine


Steve, at the top the French wiki page you can see in which languages that page is available. There is an English version available.

Hmm, wait, that one goes to the main wiki page. The Project OSRM wiki page is here.


Cool, thanks!