CoinMap - Map showing places where Bitcoin is accepted

I thought you might be interested in my little project. It’s located at

It’s a map showing places where Bitcoin is accepted. All you have to do is to add payment:bitcoin=yes tag to your venue in OpenStreetMap. Venues are added automatically (database is updated every 15 minutes). The map also tries to determine the type of the venue from OSM tags and assign the correct icon.

For more information about Bitcoin see Wikipedia:

Hey stick,

thanks for this Overlay! As a huge Bitcoin-Fan I appreciate your Overlay, nice idea! I hope the number of icons on the map will grow, soon (would be nice to find some shops to spend BTCs near my location ;)). Sadly my most favorite project (OSM) does not support BTC donations (yet?) :cry:

And on another note, you might consider adding your Overlay to the List of OSM based Services to make it even more prominent :wink:

They are accepted now :slight_smile: