Cofix – What Is It

With more and more Cofix and competing chains (Cofizz, etc.) opening up every other week, I wanted to map some of them, but don’t really know what to categorize them as. Are they convenience stores? Or fast food? Or something else?

I’d choice “cafe” (see example)

p.s. don’t forget to add operator :wink:

Thanks, I’ll use that for now; although IMO it’s nowhere near a cafe. The main difference is that there is no place to sit in Cofix, but also the stuff they sell is more like ready food.

Well, actually Herzliya Pituach branch does have several tables and chairs to sit.
Thus, maybe we should not categorize they similarly but accordingly to actual services each branch give?

Cofix branch w/o sitting option actually becomes a regular shop:convenience, and even kiosk.

I believe the wiki description for the amenity=fast_food tag comes closest to the type of service Cofix provides:

@zstaedler, you won! Fast food works for me :slight_smile: Going to change “my” cofix node!