Coastline troubles

Hi! I need help with the coastlines near Stockholm, take a look at this:

Coast north of Stockholm

I’ve been trying three different things, which hasn’t really worked out, the last thing I did was remove all the tags except the ones that are usually there in coastlines.

EDITED to correct the link the original link was to: södermalm but that was wrong.

Hmm, your link shows a suburb of Stockholm, no coastline in sight…

There is probably nothing wrong with the coast of Sodermalm. But according to this:
There is a lot wrong further inland and at one island seaward.

I ment this: Coast north of Stockholm

But it seems like I fixed it, someone had tried to create areas of the coastlines, It’s still available in the history (would be nice if that was easily accesible)… But the problem came about because someone wanted to make a good coast line in mapnik, is this possible? Stockholm is a joke in it’s default rendering, you have to have water in Stockholm it kind of defines the city… :wink: